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After ten years in industry as both a manufacturing and software engineer, I've seen first hand the inefficiencies that come from poor business processes. Often, productivity is lost due to manual data entry, poor communication and lack of visibility into key workflows. Since 2017 I've been working to solve this problem across a range of industries including manufacturing, edTech, academia and the civil service.

Our first project was to create a production part management system for an automotive OEM. The client was generating mountains of data but relied on excel, printed paper and manual data processing to turn it into actionable insights. We built a system that automated the data processing, provided real-time visibility of the production process and allowed the client to make data-driven decisions instantly.

We've since worked with a range of clients to solve their business process problems. We've created a range of solutions from simple data processing tools to full-blown Saas platforms. We're always looking for new challenges.

When it comes to our software projects, we believe in a few key principles:

Start small, deliver value quickly

Our key goal when working with any client is to deliver value as quickly as possible, and we believe starting small and iterating is the best way to do this. We'll work with you to identify the key features that will deliver the most value and build them first. We'll then iterate on the product, adding new features and refining existing ones as we go. Our clients typically start using their new solution within weeks of starting the project.

Business success is the goal

The success of our clients is the best measure of our success. We work closely with our clients to understand their business goals and ensure that our solutions are aligned with them. We'll work with you to deliver the most simple, cost effective solution that meets your needs.

Create partnerships for the future

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. Honesty, trust and long term support are the key to a successful partnerships. We'll continue to support you long after the project is complete, ensuring that your solution continues to meet your needs and grows with your business.

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