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We love to see our clients succeed, and feedback is really important to us. Here's some of the feedback we've received from our clients.

"SmartWorks have been the perfect partner for us."

SmartWorks Software have been the perfect partner for us. They have helped us maintain a legacy software application that is critical to our business. They have been able to stabilise the applications performance while also adding the features we needed to support continued operations.

Jake's ability to understand the inner workings of our business, and remain pragmatic while delivering a quality product to tight time constraints have been continually impressive.

I look forward to continuing our partnership with SmartWorks and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a software development partner.

Ben Mason

Jaguar Land Rover

"We have a stronger level of control and knowledge of WIP and we can also better budget based on current workloads."

We first partnered with Smartworks and Jake to help us with some automation within our pricing. Jake very quickly understood our needs and within a 4 week period had developed us and online platform which contained a database of all of our materials, lengths, sizes, costings which could automatically cost jobs for us.

Once our pricing was sorted, we then moved on to the Manufacturing tracking stage, where Jake with his expert knowledge of manufacturing, lean systems and computer software probed us and brought to the table many ways of making our MS come to life. Jake probed a lot at the start of this project and wanted to be very clear on the direction we were heading to ensure alignment from all parties.

Fast forward 4 months and we have now set up barcoding and tracking for every job we have on our shopfloor, our operators all have specific log Ons so we have extra traceability on our products, we can automatically track and calculate pricing for any jobs within the system. Our team on the shopfloor are more engaged with how they manage their workload, we have a stronger level of control and knowledge of WIP and we can also better budget based on current workloads.

We agreed on a budget for the manufacturing system and were extremely pleased when the project came in at 85% cost of the budgeted figure.

Jake being based in the UK and our business in NZ was handled with no trouble at all, Jake would regularly touch base and set up meetings with us at antisocial hours in the UK to ensure the project was on track and handle any bugs/fixes developments we required.

Our next steps are to continue to work with Jake and develop our own flashing drawing application, where our customers can place orders on their mobile devices/laptops which will automatically cost them and add them to the production tracking system once accepted by our team here.

Matt Lehmann

G&A Harris

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